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Social media has made it easier than ever before to share with friends and family about your participation in the Brunch Run. And we've compiled more tips below! 

- Utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to recruit team members and to fundraise: Post a direct link to your personal fundraising page, ask your friends for support, provide updates on your fundraising progress and thank your contributors!

- Matching Gifts and Corporate Support: Ask your company to sponsor each employee who participates for $25! Many companies offer corporate giving programs that match the funds you receive.  Click below to see if YOUR employer matches charitable gifts.


- E-mail or Letter Writing Campaign: Spend an afternoon sending letters or emails

- Include a link to your personal and/or team page in the signature line of all your emails

- Garage Sale

- Celebrate an upcoming milestone (birthday, graduation, cancerversary) by collecting donations in lieu of gifts.

- Lemonade/Cookie Stand

- Car Wash/Dog Wash (get your team members to help!)

- Dine Out For Charity!  Approach a neighborhood restaurant and ask them to donate a portion of meal sales for a specific timeframe. Many chain restaurants already have this program in place.

- Ask a local restaurant to sponsor a brunch menu item (i.e. All Mimosas sold on the weekends) and have them donate a portion to your team.

- Workplace Fundraiser!  Ask the Boss to donate a paid day off for a raffle.  Have co-workers purchase raffle tickets. Host a fitness class at work and ask participants for a donation.

- Give It Up Challenge! Pack a lunch for a week and/or make coffee at home and then donate what you save! Get your friends and family to join you. Turn your vice into a positive donation!