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2023 Team Imerman Angels - Any Race, Any Sport, Anywhere

Join us on January 1, 2023

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Join Team Imerman Angels in 2023 and Make a Difference to Those Facing Cancer!

Team Imerman Angels - Any Race, Any Sport, Anywhere allows you to pick any event that you want to participate in and fundraise for Imerman Angels. You pick the event and you are on your way.  Maybe it's a 5K, half marathon or marathon, or perhaps a triathlon or cycling event, or climbing a mountain or hiking a trail, or hosting a cornhole or kickball tournament - you pick what interests you. 

Who Team Imerman Angels - Any Race, Any Sport, Anywhere Supports - About Imerman Angels:

By joining Team Imerman Angels, you'll be supporting Imerman Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide comfort and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers through a personalized one-on-one connection with someone who has been there. Imerman Angels envisions a world where cancer is not a solitary experience. Through its unique matching process, Imerman Angels partners individuals seeking cancer support with a "Mentor Angel" who provides psychosocial support and support to anyone facing cancer. To learn more about the important work your efforts will support, click HERE or view the short video below:  



Here's How To Get Started:

1. Join the team:  joining the team is free and you can join Team Imerman Angels by clicking HERE or the "Register Here" button at the top of the page.  Set whatever fundraising goal you would like - there is no "minimum" you must reach and you will never be charged if you don't meet your "goal".  You can feel good knowing every dollar you raise will directly help Imerman Angels provide one-on-one support to anyone facing cancer.

2. Choose your event and register for that event: you can choose any event that you want to participate in or create your own event such as:

  • a 5K or 10K race (check with your local run specialty store for some great local events) 
  • a half marathon (click HERE for ideas) 
  • a marathon (click HERE for ideas) 
  • a triathlon (click HERE for some ideas)
  • a cycling event such as a century or a half century (click HERE or HERE for ideas) 
  • a hike (e.g. the Appalachian trail,  or anywhere you like - click HERE or HERE for some ideas)
  • climbing a mountain in the Rockies, Appalachians or anywhere

3. Customize your DonorDrive fundraising page and send to your friends, family and colleagues. By joining the team, a fundraising page that is personal to you was automatically created - you can edit it with photos of you and your "story" (e.g. "this fall, I am doing a 50 mile bike ride in Wisconsin and I'm raising funds to help Imerman Angels. I'd love to have you pledge per mile I complete or whatever you feel comfortable..."). Let them know your goal and why you're doing the event in an email, text and call and ask them to help you with a donation. 

4. Perks! If you raise over $500 (or your event raises over $500), we'll send you an Imerman Angels t-shirt - if you raise over $1,000 (or your event raises over $1,000) , you'll receive an Imerman Angels t-shirt and a hoodie to thank you and to help get the word out about Imerman Angels every time you wear it/them.

Feel free to reach out to Dave Louthan for any ideas or any questions at 



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